Sunday, August 8, 2010


We caught the train into the city, then the ferry to the zoo where we met up with the Girl Guides. Slept over at the zoo (under the stars) after a night of food, movies and karaoke.

Reading the paper on the train:

We got very little sleep as having 1000 kids under 18 doesn't not lead to a quiet night. Plus it was freezing AND it rained!

Gladys used my glove as a sleeping bag :)

This was made better by the fact that we got to spend the day at the zoo. It was a lot of fun! Although the zoo isn't nearly as good as the open range zoo we visited in Melbourne.


Mountain goats with Sydney Harbour in the background.

The new baby pygmy hippo - only a few days old. The cutest thing you will ever see.

And that's all the photos I am willing to share.


  1. I'm so jealous you got to sleep at a zoo! We never did things like that when I was in the Guides!

    That picture of the mountain goats is amazing! And I have a friend that will go crazy for the hippo pics! Cuuuute!

  2. I'll have to make sure to include the hundred photos of hippos I took at Melbourne zoo then. I'm a little hippo crazy as well :)

  3. I showed this blog post to my friend Jill who is hippo mad! All she said was SQUEEEEE! XD