Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I was sick today so stayed home from work. Being sick is never fun but it did mean that Gladys and I could have an all day Buffy marathon!
Gladys wanted to watch Red Dwarf since she's feeling a little homesick but I wasn't up for a trip to the library to borrow it. So instead we also watched the episode of Friends when they go to London!


  1. I hope your feeling better now, and that Gladys didn't nag you too much :) I bet she loved sitting down in front of the telly and watching Buffy and Friends! :D

  2. That sounds like the day that Kingsley and I had yesterday! I was tired and still recovering from a cold, so we sat around and watched Angel! :) Funny how our two LVs on opposite sides of the globe found something in common with their hosts! :)