Friday, June 18, 2010

It's me, Mario!

My dog was given a huge bone this morning and didn't want to play with Gladys, so instead she came to work with me. We were in charge of sorting keys... such an important job I have. Surely the company would not survive if I were to leave.

Here is Gladys with all the keys neatly in their rows.

Then tonight we babysat my cousin. We played Super Mario Party 8 with him. And won every single game. I don't think he likes us anymore... maybe we should have been a little nicer to the ten year old...

Oh, and we;ve decided that Gus is trying to make us look bad because we received a SECOND postcard today! This one if from the longest pier PLEASURE pier in the world!! I'm obsessed with giant things so this is so cool!

You are so sweet!


  1. Glad it arrived ok!! I love sending them postcards, so expect a few more!

    Gladys is very good at Mario games, your cousin had no chance! :p

  2. Yay for more postcards! I love to receive them. I'll be adding them into Gus's scrapbook when he arrives home.