Friday, June 11, 2010

We're going to the ZOO!

Day Three

Pancakes for breakfast this morning. Gladys and I shared some cinnamon apple ones but also tried the banana walnut ones my sister had ordered. They were so yummy!!

While we waited to be served we played giant chess.

After breakfast we caught the train out to Werribee because my sister wanted to visit the zoo. And it turned out to be a great idea and we had an amazing day. It was an open range zoo so there's not as many animals as a regular zoo - but instead the animals have so much space to roam and you are able to get incredibly close to them!

We went on a safari ride and got to see giraffes, lions, hippos and more! It was such a fun day and we got some great photos. As usual the best are kept safely hidden for Gladys to take home in her scrapbook.

Gladys also got VERY close to some of our native animals. But those photos will have to be saved for the scrapbook as well! She was so very excited to see a ____________ jumping on the path right in front of her! Seeing a huge ____ blocking another path was not quite so welcome. Especially as i'm terrified of birds!

That night we went to the Crowne Casino for dinner. No photos because they frown on that when you are gambling... :P


  1. OMG You've been so busy!! I'm really glad Gladys is getting to see all these wonderful things! :D

    I really like the picture where you've made her look blue!! But I bet it's not as cold in Oz as it is over here at the moment, and it's supposed to be our summer lol

  2. Gladys and I are having lots of fun. Even more planned for this weekend.

    We're babysitting twice, going to see Toy Story in 3D, a huge campfire with 300 people Saturday night and fingers crossed for a Sci Fi convention on Sunday! Not sure when i'll have time to finish all the crafting I need to do though.... :P